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Diamond Dance Class Attire

Toddler Ballet 2-4yrs: Any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Hair pulled back, hair bows and tutus welcome.

Toddler Ballet & Tap 3-5yrs: Any color leotard, skirts or shorts welcome, pink tights,  pink ballet slippers. Hair pulled back , black snap tap shoes.

Ballet 6yrs & up : Black leotard, black shorts optional, pink or nude tights, canvas or leather pink ballet shoes, and must wear hair in a bun or in a neat ponytail.

Ballet 13yrs & up:  Black leotard, black shorts optional, pink or nude tights, canvas or leather pink ballet shoes, and must wear hair in a bun. 

Competition Classes ( not ballet ) : Must wear all black dance attire: tank tops, leggings, shorts, and hair must be up in either french braids, a bun, or a neat ponytail. 

Tap Shoes 6 & up: Mini troupe can have any brand black lace up leather tap shoe. 

Tap Shoe 10 & up: Junior, Teen , and Senior Troupe should have any BLOCH brand black leather lace up shoe.

Jazz & Lyrical Shoe: All competition classes Mini-Senior will need Capezio leather nude turning shoes. Teens and Seniors may want to get more than one pair as we will be using this for all classes including solos. 


6yrs  & under Jazz Shoe:  must have any brand tan jazz shoes. 

Attire & Shoes can be purchased at Capezio in Wayne, NJ as well as Dance Warehouse in Buddlake, NJ off Route 80 located in the ITC.

Price List

Tuition Prices -Monthly

30-40min            $50

50-60min            $70

70min                 $80

Unlimited            $190

Comp Prices - Monthly

Solos                  $60

Duet                   $35

Trio                    $30

Sibling Discount 10%

Prices are based on a per class basis. 

Tuition Policy


Tuition is taken out on the 10'th of every month via checking account automatically. Checking account information is taken the day of registration. Tuition will stop being drafted on June 10'th. And will only start back up upon a new registration. 

Being apart of our competition team is a large commitment and involves other students/parents schedules, teachers schedules/pay, studio funds/scheduling, choreography, and costuming which effect everyone involved in the event of a resignation. Competition students are contracted with our team for the full dance season September to the end of July of each year. If a student is not attending nationals your director must be notified in writing at least 4 months prior to the event. In the event that a competition students resigns during our dance season will have a 3 month continuation of tuition cancellation fee. In this event tuition will be stopped after the 3 months have ended. 


Refund Policy


There are no refunds to any monies paid. This is including but not limited to; competition fees, recital tickets,costumes, tuition, fundraisers,summer classes, performances, and off premise activities.


Costume Balances are due before October 1'st No EXCEPTIONS. If the balance is not paid their costume will not be ordered.