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164 Halsey Road, Parsippany NJ 07054


Fall 2023 Registration dates for 3-17yrs

  • Wed    June 28th  2023      12-3pm

  • Wed    July 26th   2023       9-3pm

  • Tues     Aug 8th    2023       4-7pm

  • Tues     Aug 29th  2023       4-7pm

If you have missed any of these dates, email us at

Ballet school

Meet Us At The Barre

We welcome you to stop by during one of our open house registration days. Meet the director and possibly some of our current recreational and competitive students. The experience of one on one attention truly shines through our students and is something our clientele deeply appreciate. As a young dancer turns into a tween then later teen it is important for them to feel loved, comfortable, and most important to feel important. There is something to be said about a smaller studio. We take pride in our students, families, and staff. Hope to see you and your little one soon!

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